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Eight Technologies, LLC. is a leading technology company in mobile advertising strategies, mobile content management, internet search technologies and content delivery strategies located in Jacksonville, FL. Because text is the gold standard for content delivery on websites, website owners have limited ability to know what a visitor is reading or how engaged they are with text on the website. Eight Technologies has developed the Read It technology to help website owners with this issue and deliver content to the growing mobile internet platform. Eight Technologies had an article published at SearchEngineJournal.com titled - "Audio analytics can give website owners a better understanding of how visitors use their website" which outlines how the Read It platform helps website owners improve their websites performance.

Eight Technologies has launched the Sapphire Advertising platform to help website owners improve their digital advertising strategies. Visit our Sapphire Advertising website at http://sapphire.8globaltech.com to learn more.

Eight Technologies has launched SpeakWiz which is our search engine designed for the mobile internet user. The SpeakWiz search engine allows website owners to use their 8tech files to give vocal descriptions of their website when they appear in a search results. To find out more on setting up your website to use this technology, please visit http://sdf.8globaltech.com and see how you can improve your websites search strategies. To try SpeakWiz and see how it is becoming the fastest growing search engine for mobile users, please visit the SpeakWiz website at http://www.speakwiz.com.

Eight Technologies provides world class SEO, internet advertising and marketing strategies with our award winning strategies. We are proud to be part of the Jacksonville community and NorthEast Florida University system. If you would like to read more about the Jacksonville area and its business opportunities, please visit the Chamber of Commerce at www.myjaxchanber.com to learn more.


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