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There are many websites on the internet that tell you about the advantages of adding audio to your website, but the Read It Technology is the first to truly utilize the power of using audio linked to your content. What makes Eight Technologies and the Read It Technology different? In a few simple words - Attention to detail.

We have provided a White paper and Case Studies on this webpage which shows in detail how the Read It Technology can improve your websites SEO, conversions and visitor satisfaction. Below is an overview of what problems website owners face and how the Read It Technology provides solutions to these complicated issues.

Problem #1

Ninety nine percent of websites throughout the world deliver content using text. The problem with delivering content through text is a website owner has no idea how engaged the visitor is with that content.

Solution #1

The Read It technology solves this issue by using audio files to mirror the content of a website as in the example below. From the example you see the 8tech button is placed before the text content of a website and when clicked, plays the content word for word in a human voice. Click the 8tech button to try it:

Renewable and energy storage technology, in general, has become a favored sector for development and investment because energy and electricity costs are escalating, renewable energy expansion has become a public mandate, global warming policy frameworks are either in place or emerging worldwide, and electric utilities are being urged to displace delivery infrastructure expansion through distributed energy and electricity demand management. This makes Kepler Energy's projects an important step in the CleanTech energy segment.

Or Click Here to visit a website using the Read It Technology

The 8tech button plays the text content word for word in a human voice that can be easily understood. This gives website visitors a choice between listening to the content of a website or reading it. As many research studies have shown, some people like to read content and some like to listen to it. Using the segment of website visitors who like to listen to content, the 8tech audio analytics builds in-depth detail of how engaged website visitors are to a segment of content for website owners to use. From data gathered using clicks to the 8tech audio buttons, a website owner can begin to understand what content is working and how engaged the website visitor is to the content as clicks and duration (both shown in the 8tech analytics dashboard) are an indicator of the level of engagement to that particular segment of content on the website.

Problem #2

Connecting with mobile users using text content on your website is difficult because of the small space available on the mobile screen.

Solution #2

A website's text content displayed on a mobile phone is small and difficult to read. Many mobile users give up trying to read text content from a website as it is just too difficult. Because we have set up the Read It technology to mirror the text content of a website, the mobile user can click the 8tech button and receive the same content as if they had read the information. Below is a short video recorded from an iPhone which shows how much easier it is to get content from a website using the Read It Technology.

In the video you can see the mobile user clicks the 8tech button to receive the website content in the first paragraph, the mobile user then clicks off of the first paragraphs information and clicks on the second paragraph to listen to the content. Using the 8tech button this website has successfully delivered the websites content to the mobile user in an engaging way so they can now make informed decisions about the company, product or service.

Problem #3

Improving SEO, visitor satisfaction and conversions on a website is difficult. Internet users have many choices so how do website owners drive traffic, engage the visitor and convert them without spending a fortune on questionable internet practices?

Solution #3

The members of the 8tech team have built successful websites and internet campaigns for many years and used that knowledge to create the Read It Technology to give website owners a powerful tool to improve their websites performance. Creating an 8tech account, setting up audio files, placing the 8tech buttons on your website and reviewing the analytics are a service we provide for free, because we feel it is important website owners understand the shifting needs of the next generation internet user and mobile user. We tell website owners all the time, "If you don't sign up for an 8tech account, please find a service that allows you to place audio on your website to create dynamic content." Website owners who don't understand the pressing need for dynamic content on their website will be left behind quickly as the internet moves to smaller mobile screens, search engines become more and more focused on good content delivery and content management becomes increasingly difficult.

Including all internet users and mobile users in your website content strategy should be a high priority which means using dynamic content (text and audio together) to reach all of the users interested in what your website has to say. Having just text content on your website for visitors to read is like trying to sell a car that only comes in one color, sure you will make sales to people who like that color but you haven't given all of your potential customers what they want. There are several research studies that investigated the difference between comprehension in reading versus listening. Several of these studies demonstrated how people would skim three lines of text on a webpage, but listen to over fifteen lines of text before moving on to the next item. This gap between reading and listening is only widening with the increase in mobile internet users. Improving engagement and interaction by using the 8tech button linked to your text content on your website drives search engine optimization. Good content that is engaging to a website visitor is given a high priority by search engines when delivering results to their internet visitors. To get further detail on how the Read It technology can improve your websites SEO, performance and conversions, review our case studies located on this webpage.

All website owners who create a free 8tech account have access to our analytics which gives you in-depth details about what website visitors are doing, which content is being engaged and how the website is performing. Create your free 8tech account today and start improving your websites performance in a few simple steps.

Getting Started

Click Login and then Register to create your free 8tech account or Click Here. We have set up an online recording website at so you can create and upload the audio files to your account or have us help you with our professional staff of voice over actors and audio technicians if you prefer. Once you upload your audio files, your 8tech account will produce two lines of code to be copied into your websites code (one where the audio will go on the website and another at the bottom of the webpage). Once the code is copied into your website, you are all set and the account will start tracking your files. It's that easy!

Let us help you get the most out of your website.

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